Live CDs are the shiz

by Gilbert Keith

So, I messed up my good ole Kubuntu setup which was about a week old. Apparently I was using Dapper Drake for all that time though I thought I had upgraded to Edgy Eft. Then, given my enthusiasm to upgrade and be on the edge of linux, i decided to do one of those experimental upgrades, which didn’t yield great results.

So now, I’m running Knoppix Live CD which is quite P.I.M.P. I managed to change permissions on the hd partitions, logged onto meebo, spoke with a few people and here I am blogging now using this Live CD. wouldn’t life be awesome if had a portable live CD?

Also, I don’t know what y’all heard about linux before, but you definitely ain’t losin a dolla usin all this stuff, all thanks to dedicated people maintaining linux. A big thank you to y’all from the bottom of my heart.

If you don’t know what linux is or what live CDs are, hit me up and I will introduce them to you. You’ll be amazed by what ‘s possible with these things