Cleaning Out My Closet

by Gilbert Keith

Things I did today:

1. Saw “The Pursuit of Happyness”. It’s a good movie. Pretty long for a Hollywood production, but the average movie length has increased, I think.
2. Vaccumed the ground floor.
3. cleaned up shit.
4. played Tabla.
5. QB practise.
6. Math Team practise.
6.5 Walked to Subway for dinner.
7. Whiled away 2 hours.

Productive or not, who cares. As long as tham calories are burnt doing something or the other, life’s good.
Tomorrow ==> Snow(less) frisbee. Frisbee’s more fun than cleaning up rooms, closets and messes.

Also, my QB study project is coming along. Gotsta see some pwnage soon.