Casino Royale, Bolly wood, Thanksgiving and sleepage

by Gilbert Keith

Casino Royale was good. It was unlike other bond movies in the sense that Craig was more of an action figure than a gadget figure. Also, he’s so muscular and stuff that I’d die for a body like his….. :-p

Coming to the second part of the title, let me talk about bollywood. I was on the 9:05 bus to the U last tuesday, and I started reading the biology textbook to prepare for a 2-point quiz. The reading was on Evolution and related topics. Naturally, there was a section on Darwinian theory of evolution and another dismissing Lamarck’s theory as ridiculous. I agree with the book in criticising Lamarck and I will present a good example why. Take Bollywood. Bollywood has had agood history with some very good actors, directors, producers, singers, dancers, etc. However, bollywood has a really high number of dynasties (the Kapoors, Khannas, Mangeshkars, Dutts, Puris). While I do not contend that every member of these dynasties is a terrible film-ician, I don’t think it would be terrible to generalize that not all of them are good. Some are terrible. Take for example, Kareena Kapoor, who, by the way, has changed her name back to Kareena, after she has employed the offices of Kareina, Kariena, and Kareeeeeeeeeeeeeeena (Law of diminshing marginal utility?) . She has not an ounce of acting talent in her. Her older sis, Karishma, was ok compared to her. Their Family had some good actors back in the old days, but today the acting talent which was once its hallmark is now either latent (notice the anagram) or a complete disaster. Similarly, Amitabh was a decent actor, but Abhishek Bachchan has sucked ass for a long time. He’s a little better now, but not too great. Now, coming to the point, I want to say that bollywood has chosen to follow lamarck’s theory of inheritance of acquired characteristics. Here, the ability to act is that inherited characteristic. Mera baap actor tha, mai bhi actor banoonga. Every single actor or actress today is somehow connected to someone who was in Bollywood twenty, forty, even hundred years ago, and it pains me to see the total lack of fresh, talented new people in the industry. With these new talent-competitions budding across the country, I sincerely hope the the population of artists in bollywood “evolves,” here, by public (natural) selection coupled with a complete banning of artists who have a familial connection to b-wood. If public doesn’t approve of an artist, he shouldn’t be allowed to perform in any movie subsequently. Hopefully, the artists will evolve – not necessarily by the mechanism I propose – but by any other means to a good healthy mass of talented and capable people.

Interestingly enough, I saw the remake of Don today, and the best adjective to describe it is “chaotic”. I have so much to say about it that I will pause right now and will describe it in one of the follwing posts.

In other news, this weekend was a good one, filled with late-night sleepage, good food, and general laziness. Hopefully, there will be many more ones like these to come.