Asians, Walking in the Dark, SAT, USAMTS, y que mas?

by Gilbert Keith

I went for a walk around Staring Lake today at 5PM and it was dark. I couldn’t differentiate one tree from another. Even the trail seemed to blend in with the barren trees into obscurity. As I was walking, I saw this big black ball move. I felt so scared then, my heartbeat must have been 210. :-/ I don’t know where you come from, but in my country, big black balls like that can move AND climb trees. It must have been a raccoon I saw, or maybe a small bear that came over from Bearpath. Also, I realized how with all the artificial lighting that I’ve grown up in, I haven’t learnt to appreciate the luminosity of the sun and the moon. I remember one time, we took a long long walk in Kasheli, and it was pitch dark. Anything beyond ten feet was barely visible, and it was thrilling/scary experience. The fact that it was a full moon day today made the walk less scary; in the woods, the moon appears brighter than a streetlight. I need to take more walks in the dark just for the thrill.

The walk was very relaxing after the SAT. The test itself was ok, but it was SO DAMN LONG! Think of the opportunity costs! Anyway, I hope to get 2230 or beyond, which is a little better than my PSAT performance.

USAMTS is coming along ok. I am not able to do #4 and #5. I don’t exactly know what #4 is asking about. That is all I can say.

Things seem to be going ok otherwise. OChem test and stuff next week. Also, need to study for Lin. Alg.

Edit: I just realized, facebook is being stupid with it’s automated Note-import policy. I am tired of having to delete posts which were imported twice. Another thing, my wall only had Asian people (yes, Indian people Included) until Andrew posted on there :-p.