I’ll put your lyrics up under my microscope.

by Gilbert Keith

I was listening to some blazin’ hip-hop yesterday and I decided to pay close attention to the lyrics. I listened to about 30 songs, and based upon that I was able to qualify the songs into certain categories.

1. I’m a pimp and/or a ho’. I got a cadillac with bucket seats. All my girls get down real low. etc. Eg. Pimp and Disco Inferno – 50 Cent, London Bridge – Fergie.

2. Shit. Fuck. Bitch. N***a. Drugs. Alcohol. Guns. In short, misery. Eg. Any Lil’ Jonesque stuff. Some of the G-Unit stuff. (yes, my homeboyz). It’s going down – Yung Joc, maybe?

3. Non-pimp based sexual references. Nothing of the “drive cadillacs” stuff. A lot of “shake that ass, girl”. The most obvious example is i think My Humps – Black Eyed Peas and almost ANY Sean Paul.

4. Love songs whose lyrics are ok (Note: I haven’t analyzed these songs word for word or anything, but prima facie they seemed to be love songs.) eg. Sexy Love – Ne-Yo. Be without you – Mary J. Blige. Pulling Me Back – Chingy, perhaps?

5. Songs which don’t fall into any of the above categories. eg. I still don’t know how to classify Shoulder Lean by Young Dro.

That was how I crudely classified them songs.

So, do I intellectualize about how bad these songs are, and stop listening to them solely because the lyrics are meaningless? (The category 4 songs might be meaningful, but hip-hoppy love songs don’t suit my tastes.) Or should I just keep listening to the songs because I enjoy them beats and also to keep up my ghetto gangsta identity?

I will pursue the latter, just because I love them beats. I mean, the whole stupid lyrics thing is applicable to 99.9% of the popular songs today. In fact, I think that number is 100% when it comes to the 99^99 songs that the Indian industry produces every year. Remix old songs, add some Indianized rap in there, and you’re done! You’ve spoilt good old songs right there.

Btw, googling around for some hip-hop analysis led me to some interesting posts. Eg.

1. And Just Where Is Your London Bridge?
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3. Supposing … Justin Timberlake’s bringing sexy back (Yeah, Justin, you totally aren’t bringing sexy back. That song is ok for one, maybe two time listening.)

Interesting world we’re living in right now.