Where are these people coming from?

by Gilbert Keith

I have noticed that in the past three-four days, the site meter has been registering an average of 12 unique visits (not page realods, mind you) per day (compared to 3 per day for 3 weeks before that.) So, naturally, I proceed to inquire as to why there is a sudden influx of visitors.

I think there are a couple of reasons why:

1. This Entry
2. These entries are published in “My Notes” module on facebook. Thanks to the News Feed, people know that I write notes, which might prompt them to view my blog. THank you, facebook.
3. More people are using the random Blog button. A possibility.
4. Somebody’s advertising my blog? hmm… I wonder.

On a side note, the University of Minnesota has now officially given me admission into its College of Biological Sciences. Yay! For some reason, whenever I say, I remeber Jens and his happy-face. Hi Jens.

Something on my wishlist right now: a Happy Meal. No, not the Mc. Donalds kind, but the kind where I can sit on a table with family and enjoy food. No sandwiches and burgers; oh no hell no! Poli-bhaji and Varan Bhat. Mmmmmmm.

Something else of importance: approximately 25-30 people signed up for math team very good news. Oh man, I can feel the goodness. I don’t have intelligence on quiz bowl signups, but we’ll see.

That’s all (in a very Meryl Streep’s Devil style)