my awesomeness

by Gilbert Keith

So, I pwned my race today! 3 miles in 26:34! and all without taking any halts! I know how proud y’all are of me and my wonderful achievements 🙂

Well, that isn’t a great performance, really, but I am extremely satisfied. I had aimed for 25 minutes in the 5k race (this is the first time I ever ran 5k) but I slowed down in the middle, which wasn’t very good. I finished my first mile at 8:02, second at 17:00 and the third at 26:34. However, an average of about 8:50 per mile isn’t too bad. By this time next year, I’ll aim for 7 mins per mile.

We also made an informal visit to Carleton today. It looks like a really good school. People were very friendly and it was a nice small town settings. However, I like big colleges like the U or Madison.. colleges with 3000 students are too tiny for my tastes.

that’s all.

will talk later