don’t know what the dael to talk about.

by Gilbert Keith

(19:12:23) gunit: I haven’t blogged in a LONG time
(19:12:31) gunit: but I don’t know what to write about.
(19:13:12) Liu, Richard: talk about something dirty
(19:13:17) Liu, Richard: everybody likes dirty 😀

Acheka. I won’t talk ’bout nothing dirty. PSEO + Cross country + other things have kept me busy enough. Sadly, I haven’t been as productive as I want to be in my free time. Eg., I spent about 30 mins browsing facebook yesterday, which is really bad, IMO. I think I should deactivate my facebook once again… that won’t work because I will have to spend about 1 hour telling people why I deactivated it.

BAH. My endurance has increased a lot during the last few weeks. I have been doing much better in workouts and such, which is good.

I have begun work on college apps… and those are the devil. Those for the U and Madison are ok. Stanford isn’t too bad, but it’s a lot. UChicago is very intimidating. I wonder if anybody from my school is going to apply to UChicago. Also, I am wondering whether I should apply to any Ivy or not. I am not going to any of them, no chance… but I am just curious about whether or not I will get in.

I am rambling a lot and I’ll stop. I’ll probably write during the weekend on how the EP metro invite goes. I am aiming for 25:00 in the 5K run.