by Gilbert Keith

The Past few days have been extremely eventful. Activities have included, but were not limited to running race, trip to chicago, trip to Hyundai dealership, Classes at the U.

Running Race: It went well. I made a last minute decision to run the two mile circuit which I accomplished in about 17:05. Otherwise, Eden Prairie pwned it up. I don’t think it was unusual, because one out of every five runners in the tournament running there was from EP. The boys and girls varsity teams won their respective races, making a clean sweep of the trophies. pwn.

Trip to chicago was good: We met up with relatives and had a good time there. I wanted to take pictures in downtown but that didn’t happen. We visit Devon (Divan?) avenue and man, that place is so full of desis. In typical city style, we had to negotiate for parking spots…. wtf? then there are people who drive so aggressively yet so smoothly. I mean, I probably wouldn’t be able to change lanes there even if I’d drive 20k miles… Also, when I was waiting at the traffic signals, I sometimes felt that the buses would crash into me. O_O

We got a new Hyundai Sonata and it’s PIMP. I haven’t driven it yet, but the subwoofer in it is awesome to Pump It!

And, Last, but not the least, PSEO. PSEO is awesome. I just love being a part of the U of M experience. It is so much better than the high school because 1. I am only doing 12 hours of class work 2. Most of the days I am out earlier than the HS gets out. 3. The bus ride is much quieter… 4. My teachers are good and they loooove to teach their subjects. 5. I have met so many people that I knew thru QB and stuff, I feel happy.

That’s all.