Hassles and To-Dos

by Gilbert Keith

You must all know that there was a terror plot bust in London and airports around the world have beefed up security. SFO is one among them, and that is not good news for me. I will be leaving San Fran on Saturday. I will have to make sure that I don’t pack any unnecessary stuff and don’t exceed the weight limits. Also, it’ll be best to reach early so that even if there are any delays, I will have backup time.

I also have a lot of things i need to do. 1. Listen to a lot more of hiphop music and learn to dance to hiphop. Man, that will be so pimp. 2. Check out freespire linux 3. Take a good 1000th picture on my camera. I have taken 998 pictures in the past month or so; Can you believe that? 4. Ask dad to get some mathematics olympiad books from India.

That’s all