Returning to happiness.

by Gilbert Keith

Hmm so, if I haven’t mentioned already, food over here kinda sucks. 1. The menu is the same everyday. Bore. Everybody likes some amount of variety in the food he or she eats. Also, it’s not difficult to make some changes to the menu… :-/ 2. The food is very bland. I mean, come on people! Please put some salt in the pasta sauce so that it has some taste or the other.. But please do not put as much salt as you did in the chicken. 4. The timings suck.. Apparently, Wilbur closes at 8:30 while it is supposed to close at 9:00. same with lunch and dinner. 3. Dawgs, please don’t fuck up steaming the vegetables.. I like carrots and broccoli steamed but not if they are over steamed or understeamed.

Ok. I’ll quit bitching about the food and talk about something else. The course material we are doing is rather interesting. We are developing models in Euclidean geometry where hyperbolic geometry holds true. it’s quite awesome. We developed the Klein-Beltrami model, and moved on to the Poincare model. I learnt about the Power of a point today, although I think I knew it for a long time. Man, I really need to study advanced Euclidean geometry so that I atleast stand a chance of making it to USAMO (which, in itself seems a distant dream). I didn’t know that there was a concept called the power of a point until today, which is sad. Yeah, Euclidean Geometry, number theory, counting and probability; maybe not all of them, but the first two definitely.

Moving on, I bought Things Fall Apart today. After reading so many white books, I feel the need to read some non-white books. I have heard a lot about Things Fall Apart and I hope it lives up to the promise.