Movin’ Round San F, 4-dimensional Dodecahedrons and communication greivances

by Gilbert Keith

I went around San Fran yesterday with Mr. Shailesh. It was rather exciting; the best part of the day was the gorgeous weather which made the entire trip much more enjoyable than Saturday’s Exploratorium Trip. I left Stanford at about 11:00 and stopped at the first Best Buy at sight to buy a memory card for my camera; Mwhahah, I now have a 512 Mb memory card. I needed that so much… Previously, I spent about 45 minutes everyday uploading pictures and stuff just so that I could have enough space on the camera to take picture. Now, I needn’t worry about transferring images everyday..

Coming back to trip, we first went around San Fran a little trying to figure out the best way to get to Fishermen’s Wharf. In this process, we went through the crookedestI had previously heard that the seafood there was really good. I got some Calamari and Chips and it was ok. I mean, what do you expect from greasy food stalls by the sea where every dish costs about 10 dolla….? Anyway, we sat in the pier, looking at tourists visiting Alcatraz to learn about some random and fascinating facts about some convicts who escaped but were never found. Also, there were a lot of aggressive seagulls which are used to being fed by people; consequently, they didn’t mind coming way too close to our food and taking a bite.

After that we went on the Golden Gate, probably THE most famous monument of the United States west of the Mississippi (the one on the other side is the Statue of liberty, I guess). As I mentioned before, it wasn’t foggy at all, and that made it an excellent day to admire the colossal bridge: with a length of 1.7 miles and a width of about 90 feet, the damn thing is a beast. For further info visit Wikipedia. I got some excellent pictures of the bridge and the surroundings from the Vista point. (Pics can be found here –> @ EPGY Pics).

We then went to Muir Woods National Park, which was another interesting experience. The park is full of trees that are 200 feet tall and overpowering. I realised what it feels like to be Timmie…. :-/ We heard an interesting talk about the Redwood trees by this park ranger person, who seemed to be more knowledgeable about some random facts on the history of the park than on the trees and stuff itself. However, what I did learn is that the trees produce tannic acid which helps them resist bacterial/insect infestation and also acts as a fire resistant (important reasons why the trees live for 984723 years….) Also, the trees aren’t very good nesting grounds and don’t provide much food for birds… which is why one doesn’t see very many birds around there. The place is very cool and I would recommend you visit it if you can.

Anyway, we came back home after that. The road back to the city from the park is awesome; On the one side you are surrounded by hills and on the other, the valleys. It reminded me of the Western Indian Ghats and our trips to Konkan. So, all in all, the whole trip was quite decent

Today, the class was rather boring I thought, but our study session was rather interesting. We did stuff with four-dimensional figures and we built a 3-d projection of a hyper-dodecahedron. It was very interesting thinking about it, and I’ll probably write about it in my other blog. Anyway, given that I am a photo-addict, I took several pictures of our hyper-dodecahedron adventure (Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 ).

Also, I am rather frustrated with the cell phone stuff here. The T-mobile connection is so stupid and unpredictable that I can get 5 bars on my cell-phone and it’ll still say No network found.. Also, my phone is disintegrating and the fancy lights aren’t as fancy anymore for the rubber has started to come out. :-/

That’s all