No Blog Yesternight ….

by Gilbert Keith

Yeah, so you may have noticed that I didn’t blog last night; and you may ask as to the whys and wherefores of such an aberration from a routine. Well, it so happens that initially, when I tried to blog, I was hella bored, but I gave up that attempt because I got distracted with the thought of reading Siddhartha. So, I read about 30 pages in the midst of some really loud conversation about the 9/11 Controversey and the evidence put forth in Loose Change. Then, I tried to blog again at 10:02, assuming our House Meeting had adjourned; however, I was pulled back into the meeting, in which, obviously, not a lot was accomplished. So, I gave up that attempt also, and I didn’t bother trying the third time… :-p

I am finding some people over here irritating – especially who can’t shut up even if they are paid to, and the kind who have to intervene and present their opinions to everybody, and the kind who love to argue about any and everything. Sometimes, such people become a hindrance in class or during study sessions, because they talk so much and don’t let others concentrate. I wish I had an mp3 player or something that would help me disconnect (and concentrate). Anyway, leaving that aside, there is going to be a Monty Python fest and a Dance around here. I love the Monty idea, but a dance? eh? Also, the evening “frisbee in a circle” is quite fun. yesterday, we played with a glowing frisbee (I need to get one of those). Also, I think I’ve improved in my throwing range and my right hand flick after I’ve come here. hehe.

It’s time to read NY times &c. and go to breakfast. This article I came across is very interesting, and I encourage you to read it.

That’s all for yesternight. I shall write about today’s events that are yet to unfold.