jamba jamba and beach beach!! !!

by Gilbert Keith

We went to the capitola beach today. It was a good trip, although I can comfortably say I expected it to be a LOT bigger, like Venice Beach. It was way too short, and activity was limited to photography, shopping, eating and going in the water. I took some pictures, mostly of the beach, flowers, people, etc. Our joiurney there was quite cool – we went through a lot of mountainous terrain and it was fun being taking a trip in the mountains after what seems a very long time. On our way, I saw the Stanford Linear Accelator Center complex (the things is about two miles long) and the Stanford Radio Telescope that SETI uses. The funny things was that we were in the middle of mountains for 30 minutes and all of a sudden you see the beach! the only other place where I’ve seen this is Konkan. Anyway, I roamed about Capitola, looking for things to do. We (Paul W. and I) did see some interesting and beautiful house-like buildings. I did see a Lamborghini and a Maserati and I took a peeyamp picture of the former. I also had a decent ice-cream in a nearby parlour. It’s funny that I recollected the word ‘parlour’; I mean, whoever says “ice cream parlour” or “provisional store”, etc.? The Pacific water was ridiculously cold, and I somehow managed to stand knee-deep in the water for about 25 minutes. On our way back, the bus had a break down, which was rectified within 30 minutes. It did get ridiculously hot in the evening, so we have had to find some ways to chill off. Fountain Hopping and Jamba juice are the best options. I’ve gone to Jamba Juice for the last two days now and I think I can substitute dinner with Jamba (which is kinda what I did today). Anyway, I am not going to try mango henceforth because I’ve had the most delicious mango and I don’t want to be dissatisfied with some mediocre mango.

That’s all, I guess. Tomorrow is a free day and I want to roam about campus, taking pictures and shit. Also, i need to sleep more today, I think.