Food related things

by Gilbert Keith

Ok. I am having trouble with the food here. It’s not that I don’t like it (who doesn’t like pizza, pasta and the sort), but that it’s too appetising when I look at it but when I eat it, I always feel like I overeat. Tonight, I had some pasta, roasted vegetables and a desert, in what I thought was decent amounts, but I felt full after eating that stuff. I think I should reduce food intake – that’s probably what’s best.

Another thing that greives me is the amount of food and energy wasted. Every time I see people returning the plastic trays, I see enough food in tens of trays that could help feed several hungry people. Why waste so much food? Why take such large quantities of food in the first place? and that too after you see several signs asking you to reduce food wastage. It is sad.

I spoke with mother and she gives me the most useless advise ever sometimes. E.g. ‘sleep early today to compensate for the lack of sleep for the last few days’, etc. I know how much I need to sleep… :-/

Anyway, I went fountain hopping today to beat the heat. Damn, I don’t know why dad said San Fran is cold. It only gets slightly cold during the morning, but it’s too damn hot during the evening. When you go fountain hopping in Stanford, you basically go and bathe in the big fountains around the campus. It’s quite refreshing. Also, I saw this one clock which was rather interesing because it showed a bunch of things like month, day, time (Pacific, Greenwich and something else), etc. The funny thing was the it was behaving funny; sometimes the minute hand moved @ 60 s/min and the seconds hand stayed put. Wtf?

Class today wasn’t too interesting, because we talked more about congreunce and measurement: things which we already know. The problem set wasn’t too great either. I got most of it but I don’t understand how one can prove Archimedes’ Axiom, which says “Let segments AB and CD be given with A not equal to B. There exists a natural number n such that the sum of n copies of AB is greater than CD.”

That’s All. We go to the Capitola Beach tomorrow, so it’s ocean hopping time! :-p