by Gilbert Keith

Finally I feel like I’m getting the hang of things. Today we talked about congruence. The lecture itself wasn’t quite interesting, but it feels rather weird when you go about proving minute things that for the entireity of your life you assume to be true. I mean, have you ever bothered thinking why congruence has the characters of reflexivity, transitivity and symmetry? or why a line going through the center of a circle intersects the circle at exactly two points? or why there are an infinite number of points on a circle? I hadn’t but I do find it interesting now that I am getting more intimate with it. I got through the homework with relative ease, but I still need to prove why Morley’s theorem works. I found the geometric approach rather interesting, but considering how ridiculously I fail at finding similar triangles, I don’t think I’ll be able to do that. Sometimes, I feel like I should be left alone during study time… or that I had a pod or something so that I could eliminate the background noise; Well, I can’t ask for a lot right now.

Speaking of things, the blogspot-ban that I mentioned yesterday has been rectified – thank you DoT. Also, I played badminton after a long time today. It was quite fun. Maybe I’ll play some more over the next few days. Some of the activities I’m looking forward to – fountain hopping, jamba juice, etc. I’m trying to read Great Expectations but it isn’t going too well; there are too many distractions. Maybe I should just go to my room and read.

Ah well.