Soap Operae et Pride and Prejudice

by Gilbert Keith

Let’s play Jeopardy!

Answer: The idea of a soap opera came from this book!
Question: What is Pride And Prejudice?

Damn Right! Man, I have been reading that book for the past week now, and I feel confident in asserting that P et P is the mother of all soap operas. Interestingly, I find the plot rather enjoyable compared to the soaps these a days. Characters are well described; new characters are introduced at appropriate times; there is a good balance of love, infatuation and break up; &c. The modern ones are retarded, I feel – especially the Hindi ones. There is no plot, ever; characters come and go by the breath; characters are unrealistic – some very calm, composed, rational, omniscient about tackling the problem life lays bare; others are savages of the first order – and not interesting at all.

The novel is written in a very readable manner for the the unsophisticated modern mind (I don’t know how much one would enjoy the plot), and Austen doesn’t go rambling about like Dickens does (although he claims he doesn’t.) It certainly hasn’t put me to sleep ever, although I read it at night when I am very sleepy. The plot isn’t very predictable, I would say, but this might be biased, since I haven’t much of either knowledge about or experience with similar stories. I have to admit that I do feel rather weird reading this book: in my humble opinion, it is a rather girly book, and I haven’t ever taken any interest in such matters. As of late, however, I guess I have been “discovering my feminine side” to quote Mr. Teigen; the movie “The Devil Wears Prada” was my first experience, and I found it rather adorable and definitely more interesting than “Superman Returns,” which was comparable to the soap operas I discussed earlier, in the quality that the plot sucked.

I Still have about half the book to read, and I hope it will continue to be as entertaining as it has been hitherto. If you are looking for a good read (and would try to venture into your feminine side,) I would recommend reading Pride and Prejudice.

Thank you,

Gautam Kandlikar