by Gilbert Keith

In reference to this entry, as posted by a certain individual who identifies himself as Matt Byrne, I would like to point out that it is inadequate.

1. I would never address College board as “Dear College Board”. Wait, College board abbreviates as CB, doesn’t it? I know what else abbreviates as CB – Chink Bastards, perhaps?

2. Screw You is too white a statement. “Fuck y’all”. Now that’s more like it.

3. Sincerely. Of course not! Be more hatin’ homies! “Most Loathingly” or another “Fuck You” is more appropriate.

4. The Postscript should read: “Man, I ain’t givin’ you none more bizness. Swear to Gawd I won’t ever see none of y’all.”

There is something else to point out: This entry by the very Matt Byrne is extremely accurate in its description.