Thoughts, delights and frustrations

by Gilbert Keith

Ok. I wonder why langauges which do not use the English script still use the qwerty keyboard. The problems arise from the fact that most other languages have more letters in their alphabet and it gets really difficult trying to accomodate all of them into the qwerty keyboard. I have tried using Hindi/Marathi fonts in MS Office and it’s a big pain in the ass trying to type words like ‘karan’ (the n has a different pronounciation and consequently has a special letter). I will undertake this alternate keyboard project later on. It will mostly be aimed for the Indian languages because their alphabets are pretty similar.

Talking about Keyboards, I don’t know why humanity had to develop to conflicting styles of number pads: one which is used in computers and calculators, and the other which is used in phones. When I dial numbers, I frequently dial ‘352’ instead of ‘952’, because the keys occupy the same position on the two types of pads. Why do we not switch to a universal system of Numpads?

I went to the 4th of July Fireworks show at Round Lake yesterday. It appeared as if the entire population of Eden Prairie had showed up there. The fireworks display was impressive, and Flagship seems to have sponsored liberal amounts of money for the display. What pained me, however, was the amount of pollutant materials liberated as a consequence of such generous use of fireworks. This is not only a 4th of July problem; I also find the Diwali fireworks disheartening. I don’t really know how one would go about tackling this issue – this custom of fireworks is so deepseated among the people that it is difficult to get rid of.

I finished Frankenstein. I am especially proud of this, because this is the first book I didn’t finish for the sake of getting done with it. I enjoyed the book very much, and I was able to identify with it myself. As a young student, Victor indulges in philosophy and is wants to make a big name for himself; similarly, I loved Chemistry and studied a lot of it myself a few years ago, and my love for it continues. I do have ambitious ideas (most of which don’t work out) but the ideas presented in this book aren’t going to have an affect on me. If I were Robert Walton, I would have continued my passage North rather than caving into the sailors’ pleas.

Blogger is giving me some problems right now, so I’ll take leave.