Of Cheese and hobos

by Gilbert Keith

well, I don’t really know why people have been talking about cheese and hobos a lot these a-days, but that is not what drove me to use the topic. Anyway, mes parents et mon brother went grocery shopping today and brought some “Roundy’s Cheese”. They brought two types of cheese, on of which was “mild” and the other was “strong”. Dad offered me some of both and asked me to find how the two kinds taste different. Finding his query rather odd, I tried some and found out that they taste THE SAME except that “stronger” one has, as my brother eloquently said, “an aftertaste.” That is such a scam, as are most other things around here. I find myself increasingly participating in such scams: the best example I can provide is the “summer school” sessions I volunteer for at Oak Point. The kids don’t do shit. If the parents feel that the kids are learning something and having fun at the same time, they are wrong. Dead Wrong. I guess it helps them by keeping the kids busy, but they should let the kids roam about during summer rather than let them be opressed. I pray to god that EPGY doesn’t turn out to be such a scam. If it does, I will be really really disappointed with myself.

Anyway, things of other note: I have begun reading Frankenstein and it seems very readable. I am aiming to finish it off by tomorrow evening. Also, Masque was rather awesome yesterday: if you want to know more, visit the Ep Quiz website.