I wonder

by Gilbert Keith

When I was at the PSEO orientation session a couple of things came across my mind.

  • I have always been eloquent about what I think of other people. I think I really should stop that.
  • I have no clue as to what other people think of me. Is this a big concern? not really. But I don’t want other to be hatin’.
  • I have spent waaay too much money in the last week. I should stop eating at chipotle and other places and maintain an account of my expenditures.
  • I really should make new friends through PSEO.
  • However hard I try, I won’t be able to disown my desi-ness. Need I elaborate?
  • I thought I was less shy with gals. Turns out I still am terrible. :-/
  • I have almost forgotten my friends from India. I should get in touch with them more often.

Those were the observations.

School=over now. I am going to go to Matt’s grad party every weekend at Staring Lake and finish up that reading list. Also, I am excited for EPGY @ Stanford!