As the year ends

by Gilbert Keith

There have been many more memorable events this school than they have the last year. Here is a list of what I feel were some great moments (in no particular order):

  1. Winning the NAQT QB state tournament – This was the happiest moment in this year I think. We have had a very successful year and we want to keep it up next year.
  2. Being Gandhi for the Euro Trial – Although the Euro trials were very boring, dressing up like Gandhi and being the centre of attention was what I remember most from the Euro Trials. 🙂
  3. Cell Phone goes off during AP Calc test – I think most people would have been frustrated by such a mishap but I thought the whole deal was pretty funny. For once I became infamous. Hehe.
  4. The Awakening commercial for Classics – “U know dat Kate Chopan like cont-em-po-rary muzak, dat y y’all should like G-unit”. That was the P.I.M.P.
  5. 2nd Place in Math Team division – Fuck yeah. I am aiming for 60 points next year. I feel like I have improved quite a lot in mathematics this year, but a lot needs to be done still, especially in Geometry.
  6. Body Worlds – It was pretty Pimp. I will go to it once again this year.
  7. Asimov quizzes with Mr. Thomas – What I will remember most is how obnoxious Brittany Bump becomes when she gives answers. If you are reading this, Brittany, I just mean that I find it funny.
  8. Anant and his stupidity – ‘Reader: What is another name for the Northern Cross? Anant Buzzes in: Southern Cross. (3 secs later) I meant Cygnus.’ I am sorry Anant, I just had to include that.
  9. PSEO Orientation: It was awesome.. that is all I can say. PSEO will be so much better than boring High school. 🙂