Chains, rings and spontaneity

by Gilbert Keith

It’s a weird title, I know. I mean, chains, rings and spontaneity? wtf? It just occured to me that it has an air of chemistry to it, but that is nowhere close to what I intend to talk about. Dad took us out to lunch, and we had lunch with Mr. Chinna and a Mr. Gautam. The lunch was great, no doubt.I had a Chicken Cannelloni which turned out to be much smaller than I expected it to be but was satisfied nevertheless because I had had some excellent bread with olive oil and that was filling. However, Mr. Chinna mentioned some interesting things today from which I learnt some good lessons. I have been a big planner and when doing anything, I have always tried to have a clear idea of what I want the result to look like, and thus have planned every step in the process. However, from the examples put forth at the table today, I realised that I must be able to adjust to any change that takes place in the process. Another interesting thing that dad mentioned was that we are so locked into the things we know that we don’t realise that solutions can be somewhere in the dark and our brains may not be those dark corners. We also talked about the chain of events that can present interesting situations before us. I am going to read the Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell which talks about how small background events suddenly become big ones.

That’s all. Time to do World Civ Homework… Can’t wait for school to end, baby!