Calc Wiki and Ideas

by Gilbert Keith

1. I could make a chem book using the l33t L^AT_EX just because I will learn how to logically organise stuff and I will have a digitised version of notes. (Something I have been longing to do)

2. I am going to use media wiki to help with PSEO/school next year, because at this point, I find myself undesirably unorganised and lethargic when it comes to educational matters, and by maintaining a wiki, I hope to cultivate some discipline in myself.

3. Brittany Bump said she visited my blog and found it awesome. (Hi Brittany! ) )

4. The calc test today was ok. I think I will end up with a score in the low 90s because of a major fuckup on the one problem with the golf ball.

5. I got done with the Digital Art project of creating a ‘hoax’. I liked my work, simply because it required some diligence on my behalf. I will upload the pics someday for comments.