Over the last few weeks

by Gilbert Keith

Yeah. There have been some moments which have been teh pwn while others which have been shitty.
Highlights include:
1. 5th in State in Knowledge Bowl: The tournament was awesome. I loved every moment of it. I loved Cragun’s and it was fun spending a day and half over there.
2. Winning the NAQT state tournament! This was even more awesome. We were so good that day that we seemed unstoppable. We pwned Tonka, MPA and SPA in the playoffs to win the tournament. Check the Stats out
3. Fuckup during the AP Calc exam: Yeah. The alarm on my cell phone went off during the calc exam. It was pretty bad. I was disappointed a little but I feel better now that I am able to retake the test.
4. SAT IIs: They were pretty bad. I think I will get >780 in Mathematics and Chemistry but am bound to fail the physics.

so, I will blog sometime later… maybe after the chem test is done.