by Gilbert Keith

So, third term ended yesterday, and this has both good news and bad news associated with it. To begin with, I am finished with Euro, which had become an opressive class; I have some douchebag classes for next term which will help me prepare for the AP tests; and spring break is around, baby! The bad news associated with it – I am going to miss comparative politics with Raths and I will have to prepare for the ACT tests that sounds hella boring.

Euro had gotten to be a rather opressive class. Teigen was not very interested in teaching, but rather wanted to do a lot of discussion. I was fine with discussion, until people began to deviate on tangents everyday. Also, I disliked how ~20 minutes of classtime was spent discussing shaved legs, golf and cereal. I was extremely disappointed with the class and I wanted to get done with it as soon as I could. Well, if I average in the first two quarters, this class seems to have been an OK class – not as great as Rony and Lekan had suggested last year. I have learnt a lot about European history and how fucked up it is. This has taught me a great lesson – not to fuck up in life. I feel ~60% prepared for the AP test and I feel like I will do fine on it.

I have a couple of extremely douchebag classes next month – World Civ I and Digital Art. From what I have heard from Richard, Mrs. Poppe, the Digital Art teacher, should be named Opium. What more, I have these classes consecutively 3rd and 4th hour! So, that calls for uber-concentration on the review. Digital Art, from what I have heard, is about using photoshop for art purposes – an activity that I have been familiar with for a long time now. World Civ I will probably be an interesting class, and it will help for Quiz Bowl no doubt. However, since it is a required class, I doubt that they are going to put much effort into it to make it interesting.

Spring break is teh pwn. The movies I am seeing are so awesome! I saw Get Rich or Die Tryin’ last night, which was excellent for me to update my ghettoness. It’s funny how shit and fuck are used to replace ohs and ahs. I don’t think I would ever reach that stage, but it would be awesome. If you wish to be there, listen to some Lil’ John rap, and you’ll have a first class ticket. Also, I have seen half of Hotel Rwanda today morning, and I will finish watching it today afternoon. Other movies I want to see are Team America, Oliver Twist, Memoirs of a Geisha, Pride and Prejudice, Crash, Phonebooth, Godfather, Munich and Black Hawk Down, although I don’t know if I will end up watching all of them. I had resolved to be healthy this break, and go for jogs and stuff, although I don’t think that will end up happening today, as the weather is cloudy and rainy.

I also have to prepare for the ACT tests which are rather boring and opressive. I will practise some essays and also some Reading/Science sections. My ability to read as quickly in the heat of the battle as is required of me, is rather low and I want to improve it. Well, yeah. I don’t want to talk more bout the ACTs, so I will be back later.