Yeah, so I’d like to brag about my accompli…

by Gilbert Keith

Yeah, so I’d like to brag about my accomplishments.

We had a Calc Test today with stuff on Series and sequences. I thought the test was pretty straight forward: the first 8 problems were on convergence/divergence, the last 8 were on power series and the four in between were just a mix and match of stuff. The first 8 problems on determining convergence/divergence were pretty easy. I practised around with Direct comparison/Limit comparison tests last night, and it was particularly helpful on the test today. I expected one question on the convergence of trigonometric functions and I was right, because there was a question on the convergence of \displaystyle \sum_{n=1} ^{\infty} \sin \left(\dfrac {1}{n}\right) .

The second part on the test which was to do with numerical values of series, was surprisingly interesting. The one problem on money compounding was to do with annual compounding which elicited a ‘what the fuck’ from me. There was a question with a mixture of infinite geometric and telescoping series, and that was pretty interesting I thought. Otherwise, the problems were pretty easy. There wasn’t any bouncy ball problem. (

The part on taylor power series was pretty simple. There were 3 problems basically, and there were a bunch of others which came from the three aforementioned problems. Personally, i think the stuff on the test was too easy, and thomas should have included a multiplication/division thing in the test. But, oh well. It was only today I realised the stupidity I was committing with the lagrange remainder and stuff, and that was killing me until today.The bonus on the test was also relatively easy.

Well, 104/100 on calc test is teh pwn. Comparative was really pwn too. I was on fire today, and I can’t quite understand the origins of that myself. Mr. Raths was actually surprised at my pwnage, and the people were even more so.

That’s that. I have to go study for teh physics test tomorrow, so that I can pass teh class. Good night, and good luck.