by Gilbert Keith

Well, this week passed by well. Right now, I am extremely happy, for I have gotten rid of certain major projects which were bugging me for a long time. First, I got done with the classics project. While I am happy to say that I am done with this, I wasn’t happy at all with all the work I did. I indulged in hypocrisy big time – I, as a student, didn’t do my duty of focusing on the project and doing the amount of work desired by the teacher. Actually, the truth is that I didn’t even read the sanskrit in its entireity. I felt so miserable immediately after giving the presentation for I had not been a good person. Anyway, other than that, I feel that the presentation went well. I was concerned about my grade because my ‘comic book’ didn’t show evidence of a lot of time spent on doing it. I mean, it looked like I could have done the entire thing in less than two hours. But now, the result of all this action doesn’t really matter to me. I had some other accomplishments during the week, though. Eg. I finished reading Crime and Punishment, which, I thought was an excellent book. A very interesting thing is that I got confused between who Sonia is and who Dounia is. I never called Dounia Dounia; I always liked to call her Eudoxia or Avdotya Romanovna. I got a question wrong on the test because of the test. Dag. But, the book was very interesting. I am going to borrow The Brothers Karamazov from Daerek as soon as I am done with reading Ethan Frome, which I suppose wouldn’t take long.

Euro was great. I liked the test because I thought it was easy and that the questions didn’t really go into detail. I also liked the essay part this time because it was pretty straightforward. I remember Chairman mao telling me that he used stuff from the Multiple Choice section to fill the details on the essay section. I didn’t feel that necessary.
Anyway, I have ch0r3s to do today – I have to do my laundry, take a bath and have my breakfast, as my mother just dictated.