Gautam Kandlikar

Work hard, ball harder. That's the key.

Now it is all rubble.

Less than twelve hours ago there used to exist a strip mall across the street.

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Late night culinary endeavors

When life gives you bhat, you make phodni cha bhat.

Not pictured: the tears shed chopping the onion.

This is your daily espresso

What’s pretty great is that I’m using Bru that I got from the Indian store. #coffeeexperiments

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The standard of mobile photography

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Missing: car keys, for obvious reasons.

Oh yeah, this happened a few days ago.

I bet the “estimated effort” are all made up numbers. But anyway, 5k, sub 24 by about 20-25 seconds, woohoo!

20150218 210345

Poor Windies

" the only question was if there would be an icing with centuries to both. They weren’t to be. Stirling fell eight short, Joyce 16, but ever the scrapper, Niall O’Brien made sure there were no major stutters with an unbeaten 79 off 60. The biggest icing, though, was that of the five successful chases of 300 in all World Cups, three have been delivered by Ireland, two of them against Test nations. Still want to keep them out?";objects=832547,833069,832889,832751,832993,833045;type=news;teamSettingId=0;refsource=index


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