Gautam Kandlikar

Work hard, ball harder. That's the key.

Woooo LDR

This will be my one and only long run prior to the half. Running in high 70s–low-to-mid 80s is a different beast altogether. But the stable 9:30ish pace was a pleasant surprise!

man, this weather…

the weather’s conspiring to make running as miserable as possible.

Now it is all rubble.

Less than twelve hours ago there used to exist a strip mall across the street.

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Late night culinary endeavors

When life gives you bhat, you make phodni cha bhat.

Not pictured: the tears shed chopping the onion.

This is your daily espresso

What’s pretty great is that I’m using Bru that I got from the Indian store. #coffeeexperiments

Created with VSCO Cam

The standard of mobile photography

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Missing: car keys, for obvious reasons.

Oh yeah, this happened a few days ago.

I bet the “estimated effort” are all made up numbers. But anyway, 5k, sub 24 by about 20-25 seconds, woohoo!


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