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Vaccinate, people.

Stevens Crk Run

Those splits! I am pretty psyched that after starting off at a really slow pace, I ended up finishing at an 8:38 average. Now 15 more miles of running till Sunday and then I will take it easy for a few days.

Less than 10 days for the half!

Check out my 6.7 mi Run on Strava:

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There is always a first time

This time I ran up St. Joseph’s Hill. All ~3 miles of it. No stops. Not for water, neither for air, nor for the breathtaking views. About 51 mins for the whole thing. 34 on the way up, 17 on the way down.

One of these is my car

The other is my 2nd upgrade. The first upgrade will naturally be a minivan for the soccer mom phase of my life.

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