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Work hard, ball harder. That's the key.

There is always a first time

This time I ran up St. Joseph’s Hill. All ~3 miles of it. No stops. Not for water, neither for air, nor for the breathtaking views. About 51 mins for the whole thing. 34 on the way up, 17 on the way down.

One of these is my car

The other is my 2nd upgrade. The first upgrade will naturally be a minivan for the soccer mom phase of my life.

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20140627 202924

Time traveling, windoze style

All right, which intern played around with this code that’s been around since 1998?

My computer’s clock hasn’t updated in 2 days. WTF.


Gautam Kandlikar

Is Bangladesh a joke or its own nightmare?

Stuart Binny with best ODI figures for any Indian bowler, beating the Kumble 6/12 back in the day. And the is the India A squad or whatever.

Everything in cricket is fixed now anyway, so it’s hard to make any meaningful statement about either side.

Last 2 on Earth, eh? Where have I heard of that before?

This made me LOL.


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